Women's Health

Focus on Women offers complete healthcare needs for women of all ages from adolescence to menopause and beyond in a relaxed and sensitive setting.

Annual Health Exams

Annual health maintenance exams are encouraged for all women during which cervical cancer screening is done with the Pap smear. A complete physical exam is done including a breast exam and cholesterol screening after age 40, and bone density screening after age 50. A full range of testing is available including hormone levels, tests for thyroid function, tests for anemia, and kidney and liver function.

Breast Health

Annual screening breast exams are performed and breast self exam is taught. If you should feel a lump we will make every attempt to see you for an exam the same day. We refer for routine and diagnostic mammograms and ultrasound, and stereotactic biopsy if indicated. We maintain a relationship with a number of breast surgeons for referral if needed.

Menopause Management

We offer evaluation and treatment of a range of menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, anxiety and insomnia. Hormone replacement as well as non-hormonal therapies will be discussed as appropriate to your individual situation.

Cholesterol Screening

Our physicians routinely screen for elevated cholesterol and will ttreat and follow you for these problems.

Bone Health

Bone Mineral Density scans are done routinely after age 50 and we will treat and follow you for both osteopenia and osteoporosis

Cervical Cancer Screening

Screening is done utilizing the most up to date liquid based and FDA approved Pap technology. Abnormal pap will be further evaluated by colposcopy and if necessary biopsy. Treatment for pre-cancerous changes are available including cryo, or freezing of the cervix, as well as conization, or removal of abnormal cells.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

We perform screening and treatment for std’s as indicated and advocate and prescribe the HPV vaccine.