Our Doctors and Staff

Focus on women is phoenix arizona's patient - friendly practice that provides complete care for a woman's medical needs.

From the moment you set foot in our office you will notice a difference. Why ? Because we care and we are passionate about women's health. From well woman care to prenatal, and obstetrics, our team of doctors and staff is highly experienced and focused on YOU. The necessisity of seeing a doctor should not come with anxiety and apprehension - our office staff is comprised entirely of women - and they go out of their way to make patients feel comforable and valued because they understand exactly what its like to be a female patient themeselves.

Why Focus on Women ?

As one of Arizona's top OB/GYN practices, we have the experience and medical knowledge to assure you get the very best care in the Valley. From preventive medicine, gynecological checkups, and well woman care to pregnacy, obstetrics and even advanced medicine like high risk obstetrics, vaginal and pelvic surgery, and cancer detection - our doctors and staff are up on the latest technology, standards and trends in women's health care. Click Here to read Patient Comments

Meet Our Providers

james w. foltz, M.D.

In addition to general gynecology, well woman care and obstetrics (including high-risk obstetrics) Dr. Foltz is one of Arizona's leading OB/GYN surgeons. He is highly experienced in pelvic and minimally invasive surgery.Read More

Allison Snyder, M.D.

Dr. Snyder is passionate about all aspects of obstetrics and gynecology and is well trained in gynecological surgery including minimally invasive surgical techniques. Read More

Terry Steege W.H.N.P.

Terry has been a Women's Health Care Nurse Practioner for 28 years and has worked at Focus on Women for the last 3 years. Read More

Our Staff

Carmen [8 years]

rita [10 years]

kimberley [17 yrs]
surgery schedules

diane [6 years]

theresa [1 year]
billing assistant

christine [ 9 years]

eli [7 years]
dr. foltz med asst

mary beth [12 yrs]
dr. snyder med asst

gisele [ 1 year]

jackie [ 23 years]
Back office mGR

tracy [18 years]
office manager

Our staff makes a difference

When we ask our patients what is the one thing they really like about our practice, the answer is nearly always "you treat me like a person, not a number". That is something we work hard at, because patient health starts with the patient. Our office and medical staff is passionate about the care of women and it shows in what we do every day. From caring doctors to knowledgeable and helpful office staff, we are here for you.